About Journal

“Glasnik prava (Herald of Law)” is an electronic (online) scientific journal from the field of law and other related social sciences, which has been published in print version since 1992 (the publishing was ceased in the period between 1998 and 2015), and in online version since 2010. It is a successor of the journal “Glasnik Pravnog fakulteta u Kragujevcu” (“Herald of the Faculty of Law in Kragujevac”), which was established in 1979. From 2018 the journal may be found on the list of categorized national scientific journals from the field of social sciences (law and political sciences), with a mark M52. (as a rule on the 30th of September and the 30th of December).

“Glasnik prava (Herald of Law)” publishes scientific and professional articles from the field of law and other related social sciences, chosen decisions from national and foreign court, administrative and arbitrary practice, as well as commentaries of those decisions, law provisions, reviews and critiques of scientific and professional books, chosen seminar works of students of basic, master's and doctoral studies, as well as other contributions from every-day law matters and social life.

“Glasnik prava (Herald of Law)” is issued two times a year in electronic and in print format on www.jura.kg.ac.rs/gp

Certain numbers of „Herald of Law“ involve following sections:

1.    Articles (scientific and professional)
2.    Scientific/professional conference contrubution
3.    Contributions (critiques, polemics, discussions)
4.    Seminar works of students
5.    Case Law
6.    Book reviews
7.    Legislation

For contributions to be published in the Articles section, which contains scientific and professional papers that have passed through a formal process of double blind peer review before publication, there is a further requirement that they must have been recommended for publication by at least two referees. The referee is an independent expert in the subject field of the article. This expert should provide an evaluation, which indicates whether the article is worthy of being published as a refereed article and suggests any changes (if any) that must be made prior to the publication. The peer reviewing or refereeing process aims to verify that an article is worthy and capable of being published in the Glasnik prava (Herald of Law). An acceptance for publication involves a decision by the Editor-in-chief in consultation with the Editorial Board that a submission is worth of publishing in one of the journal's sections.

“Glasnik prava (Herald of Law)” is constituted in accordance with the Act on scientific journal editing of Ministry of Science and Technological Development from July 9th 2009 (serbian language).



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